I Want To Write More

WordPress’ Daily Post has helped a lot of bloggers to blog regularly. But for me it was just another new year resolution I made and broke as soon as possible.

But now when I look at it, I really want to blog more and the only problem I am facing is to choose topics to post on. So I have made a decision, I am starting poetry. Well, what you just read is true, I am doing some poetry and will even publish it on this blog.

So here is my first poem, I’ve written these lines by Pranav Garg (XenMe)

It started out as a friendly chat
And gave me a thought I seldom had

A hope that I also will now have a friend
A hope that I also will now be your friend

Even though the time I spent with you was always limited
I somehow knew
I had found a friend that befitted

Then came a sudden turn
Trust me, it made me burn

Things changed and are ways parted
and ended the relationship which we had started

No, I don’t blame you
For I never had the right to claim you

If you ever took our friendship seriously
I hope we will go back to being what we had been previously.

I still miss you at times
And hence standing against my bedroom chimes
I have written these lines

Suggestions/critical comments/random abuses and most importantly appreciation is most welcome.



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3 responses to “I Want To Write More

  1. Reminds me of my first attempts at writing poems. I think the tendency is to try too hard to make it rhyme and it starts to feel forced. But with practice – lots and lots of practice – you may find it starts to come easier. Good luck. I appreciate the poem

  2. Arunima

    RANDOM ABUSES 🙂 haha 😛
    Bahut achi hai (though I’ve told that a numbr of times!) 🙂

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